Sadness Boy

Failure Is Good:

As a parent of a now adult child, it is easy to look back and view parenting on a “hindsight being 20/20” basis.  One of the greatest gifts we can give is to allow our…

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How To Create The Ideal Home Environment For Children

Young children are deeply affected by the kind of atmosphere they are raised in. To raise healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children, it’s very important to create a positive and proactive home environment that nurtures their…


Helping Children Resolve Conflict

Helping children resolve conflict Because they spend so much time together, friends cooperate and communicate more with each other than with others – which also means they can have more conflicts. For example, children may…

Family Building a Sandcastle Together

10 Great Ways To Save For A Family Vacation

When you’re raising a family, every dollar counts. It’s important to be mindful of how you spend money on daily expenses, particularly when you want to save for big yearly expenditures like a family vacation….


Four Ways To Avoid Raising Spoiled Monsters

Kay Wyma remembers the exact moment she realized she was spoiling her kids. The Dallas mom of five was driving to school one morning, and found her car surrounded by a Lexus on one side,…

Father and son

How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Children

“How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Children” is a great read for parents who want to have a deeper understanding on how to use praise and positive reinforcement to instill good values to their children….