Smartphone And Tablet Screen Time: Good Or Bad For Kids?


Tablets and smartphones are great gadgets for making kids busy and quiet, especially for harassed parents who has more urgent things to do than attending to their kids. They can also be a great bribery tool. Parents use it to make kids behave, sit quietly in a car ride, get into a stroller, or even go into the potty. But there are some parenting experts who say that using screen time as bribery or enticements may have trade-offs.

Parenting gurus, psychologists and even advice columnists are wary about the effects of iPads, iPhones, Androids and other gadgets with touchscreen on children under 3 who use them. They believe that screen time may have a negative effect on children’s developing brain.

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6,000 Parents Admit to Spoiling Their Kids

Are most moms guilty of going overboard when it comes to fulfilling their kids’ holiday wish lists? According to a recent online survey, 60% of participating parents claimed that their kids are more spoiled than they were as kids. Even though we are in the midst of an economic downturn, many moms reported that they still find it hard to say no to their kids. But the majority of parents also claimed to draw a line, as 98% percent of those surveyed said they would implement some sort of corrective action if their child seemed “ungrateful” for what he or she had been given.  Read more on TODAY Moms here.

Do you spoil your kids during the holidays?

How to teach your kids about giving back

Our kids often learn by the example we set for them. And now that the season for giving
is here, check out Monday Moms: Kids Giving Back by Sarah Walls of FOX1010 News
for some great tips on how to teach your kids to give back:

“This is such a special time of year! It really can be magical for our little ones with Santa,
gifts, family, friends and all of that wonderful food. With all of that, this is also a great
teaching time for our kids about giving back. With all the joy of the holidays, there is also
a lot of need. And even the youngest of volunteers can make a huge difference…”

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How will you be giving back to your community this holiday season?