Is Your Kid Ready For The World Wide Web?

Little boy protects his sister from watching inappropriate content while using a computer. Internet safety for kids concept. Toned image with selective focus

Allowing your children access to the online world is often one of the most distressing topics for modern parents, but as this article shows, there are actually some apps could be beneficial to your youngster. Their minds are so eager to learn that when fed with just the right materials, digital information can play a big role in setting them on the path to a bright future.

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Your Kid Has Their Driver’s License – Now What?

Teenage Girl Driving in Car

There great trepidation on the part of most parents when a child become eligible to drive. But, there can also be a great sense of relief that our exhausting days of taxi services have come to an end.

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Two Health Issues People Commonly Neglect During Vacation

"Little girl sneezing due to allergy related problems, on a sunny day outdoors"

You may plan as many vacations as you want, and do as much crazy stuff that won’t kill you but are you really prepared to go on adventures? If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced your plots fail and had everything go downhill. Sure, you can try to salvage the trip with your endless optimism and ad-libs… or you can plan obsessively now and enjoy an almost perfect ride.

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What Age Can I Leave My Kid Home Alone?

Cropped shot of two young brothers baking in the kitchen

It can be very hard for parents to watch their children grow up and to realize that soon they won’t need mom or dad around for everything anymore. But when is the right time to leave them alone in the house and know that they will be fine?

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Clearing All the Doubts On When Kids Should Start Looking For Summer Jobs

A modern working woman is visited by her daughter at work Horizontal shot.

It can be very stressful when your kid keeps on pressuring you about a summer job, especially if you don’t know if he or she is ready. It doesn’t have to be this way. However most people get a little confused when it comes to determining the right age.

What does the Law Say?

Some kids can mature early. However, the law discourages jobs that could endanger your child’s life in any way. Your kids must answer to a trustworthy adult throughout the summer job experience, and for family businesses the tasks must be easy.   

Age Three to Nine

For your little, adorable child, choose a more physical job that is preferably an outdoor one. This will help the child’s creativity grow. Jobs to consider include taking out the trash, simple gardening (e.g., raking) or household chores. Upon completion of these jobs, the child should be compensated. This way, they will get to grow and also learn some important financial skills.

Age Ten to Thirteen

Kids in this age category can accomplish a little bit lot more than their younger cohorts. Higher level jobs such as unsupervised pet watching or babysitting could work depending on the child’s maturity. They can even start working with machines such as push mowers at this age.

Age fourteen to Seventeen

Kids in this age group are already becoming young adults. Theoretically speaking, they can apply for virtually any job. It doesn’t have to be a paying job as they can choose to volunteer as long as you make sure the organization has a good reputation.