Help! My Child Isn’t Walking Yet

Toddler boy about to take first steps away from mother

In some occasions, a child may continue to crawl on his belly while other age mates are already walking. Most probably, a late ‘walker’ was also late for the other milestones such as sitting upright without support. This raises the question about his motion development. Not struggling to walk at all at 1.6 years could be termed as completely normal and yet unusual. To some extent, it could raise the flag on your child’s health.

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4 Measures That You Should Do To Get Rid Of The Cold

Sick boy with thermometer laying in bed and mother hand taking temperature. Mother checking temperature of her sick son who has thermometer in his mouth. Sick child with fever and illness while resting in bed.

Stuffy nose, sneezing continuously and feeling deliberately weak are the cardinal signs that you’re suffering from the cold. Without 1% doubt, the cold attack damages the quality of life. So, to restore your health and performance, you should take the charge by simply doing the easy-to-do methods at home. So, are you curious to know the most effective one? Don’t wait anymore and start reading now! Continue reading

Organic vs. Non-Organic Formula

Sweet little baby with beautiful blue eyes drinking milk in a plastic bottle relaxing on a blue knitted blanket

The number of formula choices available to parents can really be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider when deciding what option is a great fit for your budget and your little one’s preferences. Even if you find an option that seems like a great choice, you may find that your child responds poorly to it and needs a change. The main thing to remember is that no decision is final. Consider the options and try something, but if it isn’t working you can always talk to a trusted friend, your pediatrician or other parents to get advice about other alternatives to try.

One big decision you need to consider up front is whether you want to use organic or non-organic formula.  While all formulas are required to meet the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are differences between the added supplements and sugars found in formulas.  Here, we’ve spelled out some specific differences between organic and non-organic formulas so that you can weigh your options appropriately. 

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Two Health Issues People Commonly Neglect During Vacation

"Little girl sneezing due to allergy related problems, on a sunny day outdoors"

You may plan as many vacations as you want, and do as much crazy stuff that won’t kill you but are you really prepared to go on adventures? If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced your plots fail and had everything go downhill. Sure, you can try to salvage the trip with your endless optimism and ad-libs… or you can plan obsessively now and enjoy an almost perfect ride.

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What Age Can I Leave My Kid Home Alone?

Cropped shot of two young brothers baking in the kitchen

It can be very hard for parents to watch their children grow up and to realize that soon they won’t need mom or dad around for everything anymore. But when is the right time to leave them alone in the house and know that they will be fine?

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20 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

Poorly boy in bed with a thermometer reading high temperature focus on thermometer

The article entitled “20 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu” is worth reading because it is very simple, straight to the point and surprising (as the title suggests). Readers will be able to learn a lot of ways to prevent sickness.

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