Child Development

How Much “Screen Time” Does Your Kid Spend?

ShareChildren today are spending long hours focused on gadget screens. This could lead to sleep and food avoidance. The screen world is quite different from the real world and problems can develop if the virtual…

Breastfeeding Benefits?

ShareBreastfeeding can be one of the most important parts of motherhood. It helps keep a mother connected to her baby and can help provide a healthier life for the child.

Helping A Child Who Has Delayed Language Instigation

ShareWhat’s the difference between speech and language? There is a major distinction between the two. Speech is an expression of sounds which form the foundation of actual words. Language is a more advanced version of…

How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Children

Share“How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Children” is a great read for parents who want to have a deeper understanding on how to use praise and positive reinforcement to instill good values to their children….