New Year Resolutions For Me And My Kids

Spending more time with your kids is the first New Year’s resolution for every parent. But do you actually make it happen? Keeping up with the hustle all year, especially at the beginning, makes it…

LGBT Children; An Insight

A recent research has proven that unlike normal couples who may sometimes take things for granted, LGBT parents try to make every moment with their kids special. Not to mention that love under unique circumstances…

Teen Secret Text Language Decoded For You

In this era, you can barely understand the language that our kids are using. Sometimes, letting them keep total privacy can be dangerous. No one wants their child to be a part of negative statistics….

Natural Ways To Cure Coughs In Kids

Coughs will deprive anyone a good night’s sleep. For kids it goes beyond that, they strip away their concentration in class. Well, given a choice, natural remedies are the way to go.


Someone might say you are a bad mom because your kid has lice. Wait until they receive a call from school about their own kids and they come begging you for “lice tips”. Save you…