What To Expect In The First Weeks Of Pregnancy

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People focus more on pregnancy in general but will rarely tell you how it actually feels during the first few weeks. It can be very disturbing when you do not know what to expect immediately after getting pregnant. The first three months brings tons of excitement. However, with nine months for gradual preparation, there is no need to panic.

  • Immediate physical signs

During the first few weeks, your breasts may become firmer and more sensitive. Sometimes, they could even hurt a little. You may experience cramps around the tummy due to zygotal implantation. Other signs include feeling drowsy and lazy especially during the early hours of the day.

  • Does it show?

The first few weeks are the most ideal for hiding your pregnancy from others. However, mood swings and increased sleep hours may give you out. In addition, the body will also require energy for two leading to a higher food intake. Light bleeding may occur around the time of implantation.

  • What really takes place

Besides implantation, what else happens during the first 12 weeks? The baby develops the major organs during this time. Even though you don’t feel pregnant, you have to ensure that you remain stress-free, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and rest whenever you feel tired. Avoid smoking and alcohol during the first trimester as it may lead to abnormal development of the fetus.

  • Should I see the doctor?

After you receive a positive pregnancy test, you should immediately reach out for profession help. The doctor will verify the pregnancy and answer all of your disturbing questions. You will also schedule your first ultrasound to monitor the baby.    

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