Super Mom Lessons From 2017 Just For You

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We all had our anticipations for 2016. Some of us found happiness amidst all the chaos of becoming a mom while some of us are yet to. Would you like to kick start 2017 with a difference? Hop in!

  • Smile and laugh when you can

Unlike others, I am not here to tell you to work out daily. A happy mom is a beautiful mom no matter what!

Moms can be so preoccupied that they forget to laugh at funny moments while they last.  If you like keeping your kids jovial, it must start with you being happy. Apparently, some of us cannot remember the last time they had a good laugh at something. Do not push down any funny moments in 2017.

  • Work should not come before me

Some moms will condemn themselves just because they are stay-at-homes. Being a mom can be a lot sometimes.  However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay idle the whole day especially when the kids are at school. Find something that gives you a purpose to wake up the following morning. You could try some gardening or you could volunteer; not to mention that there are numerous freelance websites. However, only do the things that you enjoy.

  • Find other ways to let it out

Most moms yell out a lot at their kids. In defense, some could argue that it is just mom reflex that develops once you have kids. Nonetheless, yelling out doesn’t help. It makes you more agitated. It will also affect the relationship with your kids in the long run.

  • Lots of fun in parenting waiting to be discovered!

Do you actually enjoy being around your kids? If not, it’s time to start letting your mom walls down. Preparing dinner with your kids could be a start. Let them make a mess in the kitchen and clean it together afterward. Find ways to sneak into their fun too. Before you know it, time will be moving so fast that you will wish your kids don’t ever grow up.   

  • Live the moment

Worrying so much about the next minute or the following day will leave you all stressed up. You will also waste a lot of time thinking unnecessarily. Just living the moment will help you socialize better. Good concentration will also help you do a good job of what you are doing spending the shortest time possible.

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