Relax; Best Breastfeeding Tips Just For New Moms

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Experience is the best teacher. Looking back, experienced moms tell of awe inspiring experiences they encountered from the many years of baby nursing and what they learnt. They will all admit that it was a daunting task at first, but with time they came to realize that nursing is the best gift that Mother Nature can give. A newborn will becloud its mother with a whole new set of wearing responsibilities including allergies, anxiety, and mastitis.  However, the following tips will get you going whenever you have second thoughts about nursing.

  • A regular bad day will be even worse. Please don’t quit!

Though not to freak you out, Monday blues and other draw backs will be double your nightmare with a grunting new born. Just rise up, look to the brighter side and use them as a stepping stone. Remember, the first six months are the hardest. Use this thought to motivate you.

  • Take time to bond with her

A nursing mom will bond easily and faster with her child than one who doesn’t breastfeed. Treasure every moment with your newborn and watch her grow; do not miss an inch! This will help you look more on the brighter side than focus on the negative things. To bond perfectly from the word go, make sure that you breastfeed your angel soonest possible after birth.

  • Getting some help from a lactation consultant will be worthwhile

A little help from an expert in the field won’t hurt. Book a few appointments every week and purpose to attend them.

  • Just focus

A distracted mother doesn’t lactate well. When nursing your angel, just forget about anything else. This will free up the milk flow to the nipples so that she doesn’t have to struggle. Go ahead and hire a house help to handle the house hold chores. If it is impossible to hire a house help, avoid doing everything at once. Do them slowly and freely without any rush. When it comes to your baby, time doesn’t matter.

  • Keep your body hydrated

Drinking lots of fluid can be very helpful during lactation. Drink up lots of water and eat fruits with high water content. In addition to health benefits, water will help relieve the anxiety and stress.

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