New Moms Matter — Self Care Tips Just For You!

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Self care tips after the birth of your first child are available everywhere; family, friends, blogs, magazines, name them. Talk about teething or wondering when to stop breast feeding. It is just too much when you are doing it for the first time. New moms often care too much about their babies that they forget about themselves. Do you know that a happy mom makes a happy baby? It doesn’t go the other way round.

  • Share with other moms

A woman’s body revitalizes every time she gives birth. Meeting up with other moms or booking an appointment with a professional or even better inviting him/her to your home will be a great idea. You may learn new ways to take care of yourself. Being around other people also reduces the chances of postpartum depression which often leads to weight gain and other health complications.

Leave your baby with a good friend and slip into the shower. At least you will have some time to freshen up for your baby. It’s completely normal when you find yourself a little bit off after your first baby. Just remember that there is always ample time to heal while getting to know your baby better each day.

  • It isn’t business as usual

Your life and daily routine will definitely have to change. If you find everything a little bit more overwhelming, pause and slowly adjust by establishing a brand new schedule that works for you and your baby. 

  • For the baby to feed, you have to feed

Instead of concentrating too much on the baby’s nursing schedule, concentrate more to momma feeding and hygiene schedule. When nursing, make the groceries your best friend. If possible, hire a dietician to advise you on what to eat. Eat healthy and watch the magic happen; your baby will go so fast and healthy. If it’s too early for you to go to the store, have your food faves delivered to your doorstep.

  • New mom deserves a treat

After the birth of your first kid, you will always find it hard to play by the diet rules. This is completely normal. Fill up a basket with your favorite snacks that will not go bad if left for days. Just remember to include some fruits and vegetables. Whenever hunger strikes reach out to your basket and treat yourself to a delicious snack!

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