Natural Ways To Cure Coughs In Kids

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Coughs will deprive anyone a good night’s sleep. For kids it goes beyond that, they strip away their concentration in class. Well, given a choice, natural remedies are the way to go.

  • Lots of warm water, ginger tea, and honey

The water will help keep the mucus membranes moist. Ginger tea and honey soothes the throat and helps get rid of the mucus. If caught early, the combo could relieve a cough in seconds. You can also use other herbs such as thyme, licorice, and oregano for similar results. Honey is by far the best remedy. Kids like it so much. Make sure they go easy on it; too much of anything could do more harm than good.

  • Sweating it out

Exposure to steam will help relieve coughs, especially at night. Add natural herbs such as eucalyptus for better results. You can start a shower or have him/her inhale directly from a bowl. Make the water a little saline to keep the membranes moist for longer hours.

  • Lemon

Although kids dislike lemon, it works directly on the nasal membranes and the throat for instant relief. To avoid irritating their teeth, squeeze it into warm water and then serve.

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