Teen Secret Text Language Decoded For You

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In this era, you can barely understand the language that our kids are using. Sometimes, letting them keep total privacy can be dangerous. No one wants their child to be a part of negative statistics. It can be quite frustrating especially when you want to know what your tween is engaging in. Dismally, there is no teen chat encyclopedia to consult from. However, we snatched a few that are still in use.

  • ASL

It stands for Age, Sex, and Location. It is the modern, “where ya at?” ASLP is its progeny requesting a picture; stranger alert!

  • DOC

This one stands for Drug of Choice. Double trouble! You already know where this is leading.

  • KPC

This one’s all about Keeping Parents Clueless. This one’s a heads-up to become stricter. 


Let’s Meet In Real Life. This one’s totally bad. The stranger has managed to convince your teen that they are both in love. No second thoughts for this one, you must intervene.

  • PAL

The Parents Are Listening. This one can be less bothersome because it shows that your teen cares about what you think about them.


I am Naked In Front Of Computer, Get Naked Right Now, and Get your Pants OFF respectively. If they texted this last night, things have already gone from bad to worse. The best remedy would be to take away their phones and computers.

  • CU46

See You For Sex. Yeah, you heard it right! They are seeing someone for sex.


I Want Sex Right Now. This one indicates that your innocent daughter has turned into someone’s sorority hussy.

That gives you an idea of what you are dealing with. As the teens say it; stay woke!

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