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Someone might say you are a bad mom because your kid has lice. Wait until they receive a call from school about their own kids and they come begging you for “lice tips”. Save you the trouble, here they are:

  • It is very normal

There is no need to panic. Lice can be compared to any other stage that kids have to go through. In fact, most people no longer relate lice to lack of hygiene. Rather, they see it as a health threat that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. There is no shame in it whatsoever. Some salons are also seeking to improve their lice removal repertoire by hiring certified specialists!

  • Combs are a must

In lice removal, comb combo comes before anything else. You must untangle all nits to the last one. A metallic comb does a perfect job.   

  • Shampoos won’t do all the work for you

Shampoos are only there to help you. However, they do not kill the eggs. They only kill the live bugs.

  • Natural is the way to go

Natural remedies are always the best especially when dealing with kids. Use natural oils and mint.

  • Lots of misconceptions out there!

When it comes to lice, you don’t know who to believe. People are often confused about how they spread. They can spread through sharing hats, pillows, and any other direct contact.

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