What Are The Main Causes Of miscarriages?

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Miscarriage is a feeling of pain for to-be-mom. It is unanticipated and worst experience for a woman. Losing a child is not acceptable for many women and could bring too much grief and sense of devastation as well.

That’s true that when you get the positive pregnancy report, you would have the range of emotions, including hope, happiness, fear, anxiety, and worry. One of the biggest fears that you would feel is the miscarriage. Even if you’ve taken every possible measure to take care of the health of an unborn child, your little negligence or any other internal issue could lead to baby’s life loss. Let’s find out the core causes of the miscarriages,

     1. You didn’t abandon your unhealthy habits

Your lifestyle has a big exposure on the fetal well-being. If you’re smoking even after getting the news of pregnancy, you’re literally jeopardizing the baby’s life. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol could also lead to the miscarriage

     2. You didn’t pay attention to infections

If you’ve taken the bacterial infections so lightly, that has been your mistake. Because bacteria living in the genital tract could cause infection, the uterine lining would get inflamed and prevents the embryo’s growth and development and causes miscarriages. 

     3. You have uterus or cervix problems

Normal uterus shape is vital for the health of the fetus. A miscarriage could occur if you’ve the abnormally-shaped uterus. On the other end, weakened cervix couldn’t hold the fetus.

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