Get Screened For Gestational Diabetes In An Early Phase Of Pregnancy

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Yes, we all know that how rapidly the incidence of diabetes mellitus is increasing in the entire world. Yet, loads of factors, like sedentary lifestyle, poor weight management or other underlying diseases could be the hidden cause of diabetes mellitus type 2, but, we can’t even neglect the non-modifiable causes of diabetes mellitus type 2. Similarly, pregnant women can get affected by diabetes and it could be detrimental to the mother’s as well as baby’s life.

When your body stops producing the hormone insulin during pregnancy, this condition is referred as gestational diabetes. As insulin is important for helping in the transport of glucose, its availability is essential for pumping up the energy levels. But, if you won’t have sufficient level of insulin in your body, the deprivation and imbalance in the hormones will be developed.

Gestational diabetes is linked with a variety of problems. Your baby could suffer from the respiratory distress syndrome, characterized by difficult breathing. Another complication is your baby could be macrosomic, meaning he would overweight and it could challenge the normal delivery. Language problems or motor skills development issues could also be due to gestational diabetes.

Hence, fix the appointment with your gynecologist immediately and get screened for gestational diabetes so that the appropriate and effective measures could be suggested.


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