Healthy Baby Sleep Tips For Ample Bed Time

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Adequate bedtime will make a healthy baby. If your baby isn’t sleeping well, you will also not get enough sleep. The nagging and crying in between the nights can be really annoying. It will make the following day dull leaving you stressed up and anxious. Most parents who suffer this fate are not aware that it is possible to teach your baby how to fall asleep and stay at it hours on end. Here are the secrets:

  • Ensure that he/she is comfortable

Just like a grown up, a baby will hardly fall asleep if the mood is not set. Swaddling him/her in a soft blanket will make him feel secure, comfortable, warm, and help keep him calm. Ensure that the baby’s crib is something you can feel comfortable in. Ever wondered why nearly 60% of toddlers hate their own beds? Some of us just assume that it is comfortable enough while it’s not. Wrapping him up nicely will also reduce the chances of covering his nose with blankets.

  • A bedtime tune could be what you need

Most adults like it when they sleep with their stereo on. A mild sound helps ease the brain to sleep. Babies are already familiar with sounds because they can hear even when they are in their mother’s womb. Sleep sound baby machines are available. It may take some time for your baby to connect the tunes with bedtime. But after the sharp minds learn to associate the tunes with sleep, you are in for a whole night’s sleep.   

  • Know what your baby likes

Some children will prefer a bath, dim light, a bedtime story or a song to make them fall asleep. You must experiment with all these to identify which one your kid likes. Extremely warm rooms can be really uncomfortable for toddlers.

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