8 Products for Infants that You Should Avoid

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When you’re shopping for products for your infant, you’d probably assume that everything you can purchase at baby stores is safe.  Unfortunately, not all baby items are regulated by the government or have passed rigorous safety testing. Be informed about these products we recommend you avoid.

  1. Drop-side cribs

You won’t find a drop-side crib in baby stores these days as there are now regulations against them, but don’t buy or accept one second hand. The moveable drop side could be faulty, strangling, restraining or suffocating your baby. New cribs have fixed sides that eliminate this concern.

      2. Crib tents

The idea of a crib tent is that it keeps your child from climbing out of their crib. Unfortunately, the mesh could tear and could cause your little one to become trapped or tangled. It is safer to leave them off the crib altogether.

     3. Bumpers

Most parents who want crib bumpers assume they’ll help keep little limbs from being stuck between the crib rails. In reality, this product is not safe because it can cause suffocation or strangulation. There are links to crib bumpers being a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well. Even the breathable mesh versions are unsafe and unnecessary.

     4. Sleep positioners

These mats are designed to help an infant stay on his back during sleep and claim to reduce the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and colic.  However, there isn’t any research to support this sort of claim. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that there have been 13 deaths reported in the last 13 years that were specifically related to sleep positioners.

     5. Soft bedding or blankets

While cute blankets and pillows may match your nursery theme and look great with your crib bedding, they aren’t necessary. Your baby has the potential to get tangled in the blanket or be smothered by the pillow which can lead to death.

     6. Unsecured furniture

Furniture that isn’t properly secured to the wall can be incredibly dangerous. It could topple over, instantly injuring or killing your baby.  If you’re using existing furniture for your baby’s room, simply secure it to studs or wood framing with straps or a special kit found at a local hardware store.

     7. Walkers

When used in a confined, flat space, walkers can be useful to infants learning to walk.  However, there are a large number of reported injuries where children have fallen down stairs or scooted themselves into dangerous locations. Even though newer models have safety features to prevent tumbles, they may not always work or could wear out over time.

     8. Infant bath seats

All infant bath seats come with suction cups on the bottom, which are used to secure it to the tub. Depending on your tub, they may not work properly, though. A bath seat may help your infant sit upright in the tub, but be aware that it can tip over, leading to drowning.

Also be sure to look for product recalls and updates on safety standards as they change. You can check www.cpsc.gov for the newest information and research. If you have additional questions or concerns, you can also talk to your baby’s pediatrician who can advise you on your purchases.

The biggest factor in your child’s safety is constant supervision. Accidents can happen at any time but are often avoided when you are directly watching your child. Make wise product choices and follow general safety guidelines at all times.

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