New Year Resolutions For Me And My Kids

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Spending more time with your kids is the first New Year’s resolution for every parent. But do you actually make it happen? Keeping up with the hustle all year, especially at the beginning, makes it nearly impossible. Pushing a day’s thrust each at a time will eventually lead you back to square one- a time like this making this resolution again in anticipation for 2018.

Here are easy ways to make sure that you honor that promise this year:

  • Make it a habit of switching off your phone in the holidays, weekends and whenever you are not at work.
  • Only pick up your work phone when your kids are asleep.
  • It a no-schedule day for your kids when it’s your off day from work.
  • Volunteer at their school to spend more time with them
  • Make them a part of what you are doing when you are at home

Easy bonding tips

  • play with your kids
  • Dance with your kids
  • Sing songs with them
  • Include them in dieting
  • Tell jokes and laugh at theirs even when they are not funny
  • Show interest in their school work. Ask them about their day
  • Garden outdoors together
  • Kiss them goodnight when you are home late
  • Spoil them a little. A surprise ice cream won’t hurt
  • Ask them where they want to go during the weekends

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