Did You Know That Weaning Involves All Five Senses?

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Most parents assume that if they invest so much in the flavor, the child will definitely like the food. However, the taste alone is not a guarantee. The tiny little eyes or the active, tiny nose could be the secret to making your weaning baby have a special liking for food.

Children will start watching and longing for foods long before they even taste them. Bright, colorful foods are especially enticing for the little ones. You have to identify this behavior as early as possible and take advantage. Often, the child will be disappointed when he/she is bestowed with colorless, odorless food as his/her first meal. As with adults, younger children are really interested with the sweet aroma, alluring presentation, and the sound of simmering food; they do wonders for the appetite!

Feeding your child with foods that focus on senses rather than filling the tummy will have lifelong positive effects. It will teach your child to appreciate every aspect of food and become less picky in the process. How do you make your child’s senses part and parcel of every meal?

  • The smell

Kids can smell something they like from a “mile” away. Smell is so much connected to the taste of food. The dual (smell and taste senses) connect very well to give you an irresistible result. Whenever possible, let your child experiment and master the smells of certain foods. To heighten the aroma of your cooked foods, use natural herbs.

  • The sight

The eyes are usually amongst the first senses to develop fully. Interestingly, a child’s interest in hard foods only grows when he/she sees an adult eating them. The visible colors and shapes are quite significant in influencing the attitude of your child towards food.

  • Touch

Children like to put squashy things into their mouths. Most fruits have just the texture that children like. Do not be annoyed when he/she wants to touch some of that papaya when being spoon-fed. Letting them play with the texture will increase the urge to put it into their mouths.

  • Sound

Let him/her be present when you are preparing the meals. Hearing the sounds that the food makes when cooking or when being prepared will definitely get their creative juices flowing!

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