Want Your Legacy To Continue Long After You Are Gone? Here’s How To Impact The Lives Of Your Kids Positively

It is always a daunting experience whenever the thought about whether or not you love or support your kids enough strikes. Many parents try to prove to themselves that they love their kids enough, but they end up spoiling them in a bad way. The simple things you do however can have a long lasting impact in your child’s life. Which are they?

  • Always set a good example

Children are always keenly watching every move that you make. The good thing with kids, or should I say bad thing, is that they do not forget these things. It may take a while before they do the same thing.

They carry forth an assumption that whatever their parents are doing is right. When you say “no” to something they saw you doing, they end up being confused about right and wrong. For instance, you could eat when they eat, sleep when they sleep, and wake up before them during school days. This way, you will be setting a very good example.

  • It’s not wrong to apologize to your kid

Sometimes things could fly out of hand, and you realize that you are to blame and not the kid. Let your child know that you were wrong. Let them not grow up thinking that you are always right.

When dealing with our children, we tend to make mistakes all the time. It comes a time when you have to own up to these mistakes and say, “I am sorry”. Apology is one of the pillars of good character. Always know when and how to say sorry. For instance, after the dust settles, you can give your son or daughter a good hug for making him/her sad.

  • Let your kids know that you love them

Some of our children don’t feel loved only because they have never heard it from our mouths. Make it a habit to tell your kids that you love them. It always makes your kids happier to know that they have a friend that they can rely on.

  • Know when to play it dirty when necessary

Sometimes, our kids could see us fighting. This could break them. Children are always happy when their parents love each other. When this happens, make an effort to show them that everything has been resolved. You two could let them see you kissing or over hear you talking about your love. This not only relieves them but also teaches them important character traits such as problem solving.

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