4 Measures That You Should Take Into Action For Controlling The Cholesterol

Are you and your family leading the sedentary lifestyle? Do you think about the good or bad factors before swallowing any food? Well, the unhealthy diet and dearth of physical activity in your life can not only make you obese and diabetes-prone, in fact, it can also leave the bad impact on the cholesterol levels. As the higher cholesterol can block the blood supply, you should implement the following measures immediately, 1. Add coriander seeds in your food

As coriander seeds are highly effective for controlling the cholesterol, you should include a pinch of the coriander seeds in your favorite food. As a plus point, it’ll also keep an eye on the blood sugar levels.

2. Eat Oats in the morning

Being rich in fiber content, the oats are popular due to its multiple beneficial effects on health. Oats can lower down the LDL (bad cholesterol). So, switch your morning meal from today onwards and prevent any cardiovascular event in the future.

3. Munch on Nuts as a snack 

Nuts are Ah-mazing in every form; rather you’re eating in the dessert or as the snack at tea time. The American journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that the nuts, cashews and almonds are cholesterol-lowering and heart-healthy food.

4. Drizzle some olive oil over your salad

Olive oil is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA’s), considered as the heart-loving nutrient. Besides tapering down your elevated levels of the cholesterol, it also makes your waist trimmed and toned.

So, are you excited to implement all the measures in your daily routine? 

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