Why You Shouldn’t You Use Mobile Devices To Put Your Kids To Sleep?

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So many parents use their mobile devices to put their younger kids to sleep. According to a recent study, laptops, tablets and mobile phones should not be allowed into their bedrooms. The research showed that children and teenagers who scroll through devices to fall asleep are more likely to sleep restlessly and feel really tired the following day. Even with supervision, kids will sneak in some extra screen time to their bed time meaning that they will not get enough sleep. Normally, a child (6 to 18 years) should have eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Apparently, a child who uses a mobile device before sleep will have double the chance of having a sleepless and uncomfortable night’s sleep than one who doesn’t. What’s disturbing is that this behavior could be addictive. Even for adults, once your brain becomes used to pixels to sleep off or to initiate any stimulus, it becomes an endless habit which becomes an long-term addiction. Almost 85% of all minor insomnia cases in children have been reported from children who accessed devices before bed time.

A child’s brain is so active and willing to learn. A graphic device will most likely make it too excited to relax off. Pediatrics recommend zero screen time for your child before sleep. Sleep is so important for the overall health, body growth, and brain development of your child, not to mention that sleepless nights could predispose your child to health problems including obesity, stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, and hyperactivity just to mention but a few! 

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