Top 7 Must Watch 2016 Movies For Kids And Moms

Being too preoccupied during the year must have denied you the chance to spend some time in the theater. As always, movie companies had something special prepared for us in 2016. Save you the trouble, here is an elite selection to catch up on:


It is a world-class pick from Disney. This wonderful animation received quite the coverage before and after the release. Do not miss out on movie talk early next year because this one is definitely not going to be left out. 


Arrival is rated PG13. It features an emotional story line. Let me not spoil it for you; it will be worth your time!


If you liked Harry potter’s adventures from back in the day, this is the perfect movie for you to revisit those memories. The movie has been Rated PG13.


It will be perfect if you watch it in theaters.  Moonlight featuring top celebrities Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes and Jannelle Monae is a must watch!

  • SING

This one sets the holiday mood like no other. It is a perfect animated movie to watch as a whole family.


As a mom, you will learn a lot from this movie. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom. Written and directed by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas; it’s Lots of fun!


Denzel Washington delivers reality in every movie. You can actually feel and relate to every moment in this brand new movie. It’s a perfect piece for New Years Eve.

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