The Secrets To Being A Happy Mom

Every girl dreams to be a successful woman with a loving husband and kids. After all isn’t it the duty of every woman to plan and do it all. However as the years go by, we realize that we have to sacrifice some childhood dreams for the sake of personal happiness. Balancing between work and life is a daunting task for every career woman out there. What are the things you should you master to help you remain happy as you juggle through kids, work, and love life?

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

There isn’t one fit for all balance applicable for all mothers. It is upon you to prioritize your goals and make the necessary adjustments at your own pace. Rather than listening to others, focus more on your overall wellbeing, health, and happiness. Comparison is a huge contributor to distress in women.

  • Be satisfied and happy with what you already have

Even the rich folk won’t lack fault in their billionaire homes. The three dimensions of a woman’s life cannot be perfect all at the same time. Trying to perfect one will put the other at risk. You have to sub-delegate some duties and learn to accept help. You are not the only one who could do laundry around the house. Turn a blind eye to anything requiring absolute perfection.

  • Quit “one for all”

Mothers are quite disadvantaged around the house because they have to do virtually everything. What’s worse is that committing yourself to doing everything for everyone is addictive. You don’t have to keep running up and down the house to look busy and make everyone happy. Let others chip in and learn to say no especially when you are extremely tired.

  • Do not try bridging the job-home gap

Although this could be hard for career women, try not to bring work from the office adding to the pile already waiting for you at home.

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