Creative Tips To Help Keep Your Baby Glued To The Nursery

Nursery trends have evolved tremendously over the years. Apparently, the upgrades are been take up by professional designers. But really, is that really necessary? Only a mother’s magic touch can give that special shelter the warmth it deserves; the only thing that describes your excitement. Here are tips to make it irresistible:

  • Stick to bright colors

Bright colors will make any space look lively. Dark sidewalls and a gold plafond will keep those little eyes enchanted.

  • Art

Your baby’s room needs to be different from the rest of the house. Avoid buying plain linen. Choose arty dolls, stickers, pillows, and beddings. You could also give the room a touch of huge sculpted pieces.   

  • Plain ceilings are a huge downer

Your baby will be looking at the ceiling most of the times. Concentrate most of the art here. Close spaced stripes and patterns will also do the trick.

  • Initiate them to numbers and the alphabet early

Have at least one set of the alphabet or numbers in their order. Kids have very photographic minds. Who knows, you could trigger the genius gene in him/her!

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