Are Gifted Programs Truly the GATEway To Success?

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Gifted programs in schools provide the world with doctors, scientists and future leaders. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. The same mantra applies to children. Teach a child to stretch the limits of their intellect and there is no limit to the wonders they can achieve. Gifted programs in schools allows students who would otherwise be limited to unlock a more intensive education. Standardized educational programs target the middle of the bell curve. Those who struggle need extra help to reach the standard, while those who easily understand the basics are limited by the standard. The latter students require the opportunity to expand their education to the limits of their capacity to learn, rather than the limits defined by the government to ensure all children move forward each year.

Gifted programs exist throughout the United States, but are governed by individual states. Christina Platt, a second-grade teacher in South Carolina and mother of two gifted students, teaches the standard but embraces the state’s gifted program. “GATE,” Gifted and Talented Education, ensures that all of her students are taught at the level that gives them the opportunity to excel in the future.

“I believe it’s put them on the path to be able to reach any goal they put their minds to,” said Platt. “Being challenged in the classroom will help them face the challenges they will encounter in the future.”

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