Parenting Woes in the 21st Century

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The hi-tech world of today has raised many challenges for parents with young children. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, tearing down social taboos and constraints every which way, it’s very hard for parents to shelter their kids and to give them an innocent, well-adjusted childhood. Given below are some of the biggest sources of concern for parents:

The internet

This is possibly the biggest bane of a parent. While the internet is an essential survival tool of the 21st century, it isn’t without its set of drawbacks. With so much material freely available on the web, with porn sites and explicit videos simply a click away, a child can easily get their hands on the wrong stuff. Parents need to keep a strict check on what their children see and do online.


A big reason parents are reluctant to send their children off to school is that they fear they might “get mixed up with the wrong sort”. And these fears are totally understandable, since a lot of kids today aren’t innocent little angels; rather, they are mini-adults matured and hardened before their time and are poor role models for any child with a modicum of good breeding. Parents need to be on the alert at all times to ensure their children aren’t exposed to any negative influences.

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