Two boy in car seats, traveling in car and playing

One iPad And More Than One Kid… Oops!

Have you ever been on a trip with your kids and you only got one ipad. It’s really embarrassing when they start fighting for the ‘thing’. This article explains the art of opening a ‘SOS’….

Grandfather and his grandson eating in summer restaurant

Going Out To Eat With Your Toddler

Going out to eat with a toddler can be an exhausting task.  At this stage of life, children are learning to eat new foods and feed themselves.  They’re becoming more proficient at communicating and they…

surprise litle baby toddler girl playing mom

10 Food Myths That Are Hurting Your Kids

Not everything that is seen or heard is already true regarding food, most especially for the kids. Some of these myths can actually be the opposite of what is true. Most parents may not understand…

Happy children having fun while jumping on bosu balls on sports training in a health club. Male coaches are with them.

Fun Fitness Games For Kids

Fitness for kids must always be fun and exciting and this article clearly shows how that should happen accordingly. Kids have always been into games so incorporating fitness into games has always been a great…