Is Your Kid Ready For The World Wide Web?

Little boy protects his sister from watching inappropriate content while using a computer. Internet safety for kids concept. Toned image with selective focus

Allowing your children access to the online world is often one of the most distressing topics for modern parents, but as this article shows, there are actually some apps could be beneficial to your youngster. Their minds are so eager to learn that when fed with just the right materials, digital information can play a big role in setting them on the path to a bright future.

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Your Kid Has Their Driver’s License – Now What?

Teenage Girl Driving in Car

There great trepidation on the part of most parents when a child become eligible to drive. But, there can also be a great sense of relief that our exhausting days of taxi services have come to an end.

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How Much “Screen Time” Does Your Kid Spend?

girl holding a remote control

Children today are spending long hours focused on gadget screens. This could lead to sleep and food avoidance. The screen world is quite different from the real world and problems can develop if the virtual becomes their reality. Much like internet addiction, specialists have flagged this “screen time” phenomenon as a worldwide clinical disorder to the point that it is now being treated in rehabilitation centers.

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Secretly Tracking Your Child’s Cell Phone Activity PT. 1

people, children, technology and internet concept - happy girl with smartphone at home

Many young children today have cell phones and with those cell phones comes a lot of responsibility they are often not ready for.  Cell phones provide easy access to the outside world and your child can easily become easy fodder without even knowing it.  This places parents in a position of needing to be protective.  Depending on the age of your child, there may be a need to secretly track all the activity they are engaging in.  There may be reasons you need to consider: they may be bullied and not feel they can share or they could be engaging in harmful activity that will lead a tragic end. 

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Dogs And Children


Dogs are great with children. It’s one of the most beautiful relationships any kid can have. People can and will discriminate on others with their own standards of race, gender, beauty or anything at all BUT dogs are on another level. They’re a different race but they’re still capable of teaching children valuable lessons on friendship, responsibility and companionship. Before the wonderful relationship could start though, it’s best to know the basics:

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