“Active Video Games” Are Not So Active

New studies have shown that giving children an ‘active video game console’, such as a Nintendo Wii, does not necessarily increase their physical activity. Although children are simulating sports or dance moves in order to activate their digital avatars, they are not actually gaining any physical benefit. The study was published by Pediatrics, in which researchers gave video game consoles to 87 children age 9-12. The children were told to  record their play times and wore an accelerometer to measure their physical activity levels over a 12-week period. Despite the children’s interest in the games, the results showed no significant difference between children who play active video games as opposed to usual ones.


Does your child often play with an ‘active video game console’ like a Nintendo Wii? Or do you encourage physical activity outdoors?


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Kid’s Risk of Abuse Increased by Gender Non-Conformity

 A recent study released by Pediatrics has conveyed that kids who are non-conforming in their activities before the age of 11 are much more likely to face Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other hindering issues in early adulthood than conforming kids. The study surveyed 9,000 young adults who were asked about their childhood experiences, ranging from play-date activities and roles to facing sexual or psychological abuse. Research revealed that 1 out of 10 kids display gender non-conformity before the age of 11. These children, who fail to take on their ‘expected’ gender role and activities, are more likely to experience physical, psychological and sexual abuse and experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by early adulthood. The results showed significant differences in both male and female young adults who were non-conforming when they were children, as opposed to those who acted and as they were expected to as boys or girls.


Unfortunately, most of the abuse faced by some children was found to be rooted in the kids’ homes and by members of their family.


Do you place a strong emphasis on what activities should be doing? Or on the way they should be acting even from a young age? Either way it is important to be aware of the differences. Read more on this interesting article.

Don’t Panic, Get Your Kid Organized

Has your kid ever left a big project that was due the next day until the very last minute? Well, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle with getting their kids to be organized and manage time. These are very important skills that can reduce stress, especially the night before that project is due. It can be hard as a parent to try and let your kids have fun but to also sit them down and make sure they get their work done. In this article, Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian explains the problem of time management for middle school kids and outlines several simple tips for parents, such as making a to-do list and setting aside a homework time, which can help your kids stay organized without being overwhelmed.

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Kids Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

What else is new, right? But new research done in Australia shows just how extreme the numbers are. Of the over 300 kids studied, over 80% did not get the recommended amount of sleep, and they were under that time by an average of 37 minutes. Another interesting statistic the research found was that the average sleep time of people has gone down by just under a minute every year, so that on average we get over an hour less of sleep per night than we did 100 years ago. Sleep is very important, especially for the growth of our kids. Research is still being done to determine how lack of sleep affects kids, but it is plain to see kids with enough rest are more attentive and better able to focus in school.

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Valentine’s Day Favorite Recipe

The day of love is upon us once again! While Valentine’s Day spells a romantic evening out (or in) for many, for my kids it meant “mommy should make us a red cake.” I couldn’t refuse, especially after I woke up to specially customized ‘Mom is My Valentine’ cards that they had made at school last week. So, I rummaged through my old cookbooks in search for a recipe that could satisfy my kids’ sweet tooth and still display the ‘redness’ of Valentine’s day, as they had eloquently put it. I struck gold with the White Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Here is what you need to make it happen:

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Is Your Parenting Style Working?

A recent study from the University of New Hampshire revealed certain flaws and advantages to choosing one parenting technique over another. A team of researchers collected data revolving around three particular approaches to parenting since the fall of 2007: authoritative (demanding and controlling, but still receptive to children’s needs), permissive (non-demanding, non-controlling), and authoritarian (rules established unilaterally without explanation). While many parents firmly believe that an authoritarian parenting style yields the best results, research conveys that children exposed to stern and non-negotiable parenting often become ‘disrespectful’ and ‘delinquent’. However, permissive parenting could produce results that are equally as detrimental to a child’s personality. Children who do not have a strong parent presence could lack traits such as ‘self-control’ and ‘self-reliance’. As a result, the authoritative parenting method proved to be most effective.


What is your parenting style? Do you agree that an authoritative approach is the best solution?


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Keep Your Kid Reading

Reading is such an important activity for growing kids, but with the Internet, TV, and video games it is harder and harder to keep kids interested in reading. It can be hard finding a balance between making sure your kid reads but not making it a huge struggle that pushes them further away from a book. As a mom who loves to read but has a kid who can think of a lot of other things they would rather do I totally relate to Heather Holley-Hall’s article in The Times News. I agree with her that the best thing you can do is find books that they will love, and she lists some great examples.
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