Baking Holiday Cookies With Your Kids

The holiday season is all about creativity, joy, and giving. So why not experience all three and spend some time baking tasty cookies with your kids? There’s nothing better than watching your kids‘ confidence grow as they learn to create something wonderful from scratch – especially delicious cookies they’ll both enjoy themselves and sharing with friends. Here are some helpful tips from to consider before setting out on your baking adventure.

How to teach your kids about giving back

Our kids often learn by the example we set for them. And now that the season for giving
is here, check out Monday Moms: Kids Giving Back by Sarah Walls of FOX1010 News
for some great tips on how to teach your kids to give back:

“This is such a special time of year! It really can be magical for our little ones with Santa,
gifts, family, friends and all of that wonderful food. With all of that, this is also a great
teaching time for our kids about giving back. With all the joy of the holidays, there is also
a lot of need. And even the youngest of volunteers can make a huge difference…”

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How will you be giving back to your community this holiday season?

Are You a Tiger Mom?

When Yoga Mom wrote in her From the Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom Blog about her son hating Chess Club, she described how she let him quit instead of making him tough it out:

Proud of My Chess Club Dropout

When my analytical kindergartener heard Chess Club was being offered as an after  school activity; it was all he could talk about for weeks. I eagerly signed him up because chess is more than a game; it is a way of thinking strategically….

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 Do you make your kids finish whatever they start – no matter what?