3 Interesting Ways To Feed Fruits And Vegetables To Your Kids

Your children love to eat the tasty and delicious food, but sadly, fruits and vegetables aren’t too much appealing for them. If you’re thinking that your kids are not eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables that they should, then, you’re somehow right. From 2007 to 2010, 60% children didn’t even eat the recommended consumption of fruits and vegetables, stated by the Centers of Disease Control.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the healthy growth and development of your kid. Because they’re lesser in calories and higher in fiber, your children would get the gut-friendly nutrition. So, here are the tricks that you should follow,

     1. Eat with each other

If you’re eating the fruits and vegetables with them, your kids won’t hesitate to eat. Appreciate them even if they’re taking two to three bites from your salad bowl.

     2. Present the fruit and veggie bowl attractively

You can even blend the white meat as well, if they love to eat the veggies with fish or chicken. Decorate the salad bowl in such an appealing way that your kid won’t resist himself to complete the meal quickly.

     3. Let them pick what they want to eat

Most importantly, take them to the fruits and vegetable shopping and help them in picking their favorite flavor. If they participate in this shopping, they’ll surely love eating them!!! 

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