Are You a Tiger Mom?

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When Yoga Mom wrote in her From the Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom Blog about her son hating Chess Club, she described how she let him quit instead of making him tough it out:

Proud of My Chess Club Dropout

When my analytical kindergartener heard Chess Club was being offered as an after  school activity; it was all he could talk about for weeks. I eagerly signed him up because chess is more than a game; it is a way of thinking strategically….

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 Do you make your kids finish whatever they start – no matter what?

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  1. That article was cute. I think, specifically, in the case of that mommy, she was right to remove him. He needed to learn chess in a more healthy environment first so he could hold his own in the shark’s lagoon of school age chess. I think if he had gone in more prepared then he would have been fine and learned more from the class.

    Me, I am going to be a 50/50 mom with my daughter, who is 3. Children like to quit things sometimes before they understand it and know what it is really about. Being bullied is a good reason to stop going, and give the adult supervision a stern talking to, but it’s to hard is not a good reason. We know practice makes perfect and we also know that it takes a little while to get used to something. So a full investigation will be launched before we quit anything, all sides and reason will be considered and I will do my best to make transitions easy and will be supportive.

  2. When my kids would want to quit whatever it was they were doing or in and disliked it, we would tell them they need to see it through. We would tell them if they quit what would that be saying about them and when they got into adulthood and got jobs and wanted to quit something the boss wanted them to do and they did not want to do it how far will they get? We taught them morals. See things through and then they could say they tried it and did not like it so they do not want to do it again. We always encouraged our kids to try things @ least once that way they can say they did it and their option on the things they tried. Thank-you for your time. 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring my post. I am very proud of my kids.

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