5 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

Every child is unique and different, but in today’s world of instant gratification, they are united in their constant search for the next delicious snack. Parents are also united. They are united in their search for a healthy, delicious snack. “Healthy snacks for kids: 10 child-friendly tips,” published by Mayo Clinic, outlines a game plan for helping children satisfy their appetites throughout the day without contributing to the nation’s childhood obesity issue. Their number one tip: ban junk food from the house. Here are 5 healthier alternatives to avoid resorting to fatty, junk food:

  1. Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins. It’s fast, easy, and fun for kids. Simply cut the celery into sticks, spread the peanut butter, and top it with raisins. Substitute the peanut butter with almond butter to change up the flavor.
  2. Baked kale chips. A substitute for potato chips, kale chips are delicious and are a vegetable serving in a snack.
  3. Homemade applesauce. Fun to make and to eat, homemade applesauce is a good, go-to snack for after school.
  4. Frozen grapes. Instead of sugary popsicles, frozen grapes are delicious and filling for kids and parents.
  5. Bell pepper pizzas. Hollowed out bell peppers serve as the alternative to pizza crust, and can be topped with all the usual pizza fixings.

Food presentation is not limited to annual family gatherings or cooking shows on television. Having a unique look to old snacks is one way to coax kids into eating foods they may otherwise shun. Healthy snacks are a first step to teaching kids how to embrace a healthy lifestyle that they can apply to the rest of their lives.

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