The Undecorated Side Of Postpartum No One Has Told You About

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Mothers spend a lot of time preparing for their first baby. Sadly, virtually every source of postpartum info out there is decorated with unsurpassable merry, leaving the part where it totally sucks- most of the time!  Here are facts to ensure that you aren’t caught off guard:

  • You will feel a little lonely

The anxious sleepless nights will leave you totally blown out. Waking up early will no longer mean anything to you. You will no longer have the little gossip moments that you managed to squeeze into your schedule to lay off some steam. Your partner will not always be there to help you out meaning that you will be a little isolated at home. The depression rubs sadness all over you making you cry at times.

  • Dehydration

A considerable amount of body water content is lost through labor.  This will leave you a little constipated. For most women, hemorrhoids may appear during pregnancy making you lose more blood when passing stool after labor. Drink up lots of liquids to bring your body water content levels back to normal.

  • You will feel dirty

Even after labor is over, most women continue to bleed for weeks on end. Normal pads will not help much, so stock up with mega-pads. The hormonal hullabaloo and the breast milk will make you smell weird. Regular showers will help you keep fresh.

  • I still look pregnant!

Your tummy will still be bulging out as if nothing was taken out of it. Although it gets better naturally with time, adopt simple toning exercises after 4 weeks or so.

  • OMG! My nipples hurt so much

Uh oh! Breastfeeding isn’t that natural after all. Low milk supply means that your baby will be a tiny bundle of nerve, especially at night. Too much milk makes you feel uncomfortable, so no sleep either way. Some ice packs and some high-quality nipple cream will be effective for the latter.

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