Keeping That Love Candle Glowing During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy takes you through disturbing phases that could adversely affect your marriage. Luckily, most male partners understand the ups and downs their counterparts go through by turning a blind eye to the negative side of it.

The new set of incubatory responsibilities bestowed upon you makes you feel like you have to do all the work by yourself. This could make you despise your partner, especially if it is your first baby. How do you keep your marriage warm while still coping with the hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and distress?

  • Movies and date nights

Some couples “talk, eat and watch pregnant” all the time.  This kind of lifestyle may be short lived, but it could negatively affect your marriage. You will be focusing your energy and attention to the unborn child leaving little or none for your partner.  Shut down the pregnancy thoughts to enjoy each other for a while!

  • Regular sex

Sex is one of the building blocks of marriage. It isn’t just for having babies. In fact, sex will be much better during pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to the pelvic area. With the right positions and proper communication, you could have sex up to the time of delivery to reap the numerous benefits including the opening up and relaxation of the birth canal’s muscles.   

  • Fights are bound to happen

The male partner has a larger role to play in avoiding these by not saying or doing things that could annoy her. Making sure she doesn’t do laundry for the nine months is a good start.

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