Dogs And Children

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Dogs are great with children. It’s one of the most beautiful relationships any kid can have. People can and will discriminate on others with their own standards of race, gender, beauty or anything at all BUT dogs are on another level. They’re a different race but they’re still capable of teaching children valuable lessons on friendship, responsibility and companionship. Before the wonderful relationship could start though, it’s best to know the basics:

1. Give the Canine a Bath – dogs don’t need as much baths as people. Only wash them if they look and smell dirty since they need a lot of oil on their fur. Otherwise, too much baths could make their fur coarse. If you don’t like feeling coarse hair, neither does the dog.

2. Feed it (but check if your dog food is actually harmful) – puppies may not eat a lot but they need to eat frequently. Small portions throughout the day are ideal. As they grow older, you decrease the frequency but increase the portions on their food. You might have heard warnings against feeding your dog table scraps but the wrong dog food can make your dog sick.

There are indications like their urine smelling acidic; they grow too fat too fast; and hot spots appearing on their skin. It will take a lot of trial and error to find a brand that you can trust but table scraps are actually not that bad (assuming that you don’t put too much preservatives on them). Just remember to train your dog properly so it won’t bother you during your own meals.

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