When I Was A Kid That Was Free!

Time stops for no one. And along with time continuing on, so does inflation.  A number of activities and items that kids pay for today actually cost a bunch of nothing when their parents were the same age.

  • Netflix: paying out oodles of money for television programing is commonplace today even though years ago the boob tube streamed for free via the ole rabbit ears.  The best part (read: most ironic part) is that the choice for programs is hardly monumentally better.
  • Making a phone call: it is funny when you go into restaurants with your kids and take them to the bathroom.  It is like a trip down memory lane when you tell them that in that corner, long, long ago, people actually used to sit there and make phone calls on sticky pay phones.  They can hardly believe their ears when you tell them that a simple call only cost 50 cents.
  • Grocery store bags: there used to be a time when the grocery store gave out the bags to put the 30 items you just bought in. Now, either make seven trips to your car, or pay for the “convenience” of a bag to carry your groceries out in a single trip.

Packets is plural…it means more than one: at the local Mickey Ds, they used to be more generous when it came to sauce packets.  Now they are tad bit stingy—as many fast food restaurants seem to offer less free condiments, although you can pay extra.

So, hey in a few years, your kids can look back and remark upon the items they too used to get for free.  Then you can all share the good ole days!

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