It’s Back To School For My Kids. How Do I Go About The “Goodbye Screen Time” Talk?

A recent research has revealed that virtually all kids spend most of their summer time “on screens”. There comes a time when the kids have to let go all the movies and the video games. It is even harder when you are doing it for the first time with your first kid. What are the things that you should do to ensure that your kids gently adapt to these changes?

  • Prepare them in advance

You have to start talking to your kids about school as early as possible. Teach them the element of balance by having a daily schedule including study, exercise, recreation and ample socialization time. When school’s in a week’s time, start emphasizing more on rest and book time.

  • Create a plan that will always work

It is possible to create a schedule that can be followed comfortably during summer and school days. When you allocate just enough time to study, play and for screen-time, you will be amazed to see how fast children learn. Better make it a good one because after getting used to it, there will be no turning back!

  • Provide study material

Elementary school kids like school work, but they often lack the materials to work with when they are around home. Raid the bookshops and bring home anything that could interest a pre-school child. These materials will help your child to develop mentally. Most normal kids will prefer more involving things such as an art book.

  • Set a good example at all times

If you are always on the phone or TV, it will be harder to tell your child to do otherwise.


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