Show Your Kids How To Tip

As parents we are always trying to teach our kids how to be polite and about important customs in the world, and one we can easily overlook is tipping. Waiters are average people who are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families like the rest of us, but most people don’t realize how little they are paid. I was surprised to learn that the minimum wage for servers is $2.13 an hour, and the rest they earn from tips.
Robert St. John wrote a great article about how his daughter didn’t really understand the custom of tipping. He was once a waiter himself and understands how hard the work is and how important tips are. His daughter returned from spring break, and when he asked her if she knew to how to tip 20%, she replied that she always tipped 3 dollars. It is a cute story but also illustrates how our kids rely on us to teach them these things that we have become so used to, that we can easily forget that they are still learning.
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