Creating a “Parenting Bucket List”

Creating a Parenting “Bucket List”

Have you heard of a “Parenting Bucket List”? Many of us have certain goals, aspirations, and wacky activities that we want to accomplish before our time. But what about those activities that we hope to accomplish with our kids? A Parenting Bucket List could be a great way to set goals for yourself and your children by placing the seriousness of life in the back seat temporarily, and embracing the joys of parenthood. Your “Parenting Bucket List” can range in big or small activities: from taking cross country trips with your kids, to spending Sunday afternoons together at the park. Putting these goals down on paper materializes them, and this is a to-do list that you won’t dread pulling out once in a while. In an article from, Anna Rubin finds inspiration to create a list of things-to-do with her kids before they get too old, and too ‘cool’ to hang out with mommy. She writes that her hopes include two-week summer vacations and volunteering with her kids.

What are some activities that YOU would love to include in your “Parenting Bucket List’?

Read more on what Anna had to say about this wonderful idea.

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