Deaf 5 Year Old Is An Inspiration

The story of Isaiah Vaughn, a deaf 5 year old from Charlotte, and his mother is an inspiration. A few days after Thanksgiving Isaiah’s mother drove him to a special school for deaf children in hopes of getting him the type of education he needs. Isaiah didn’t understand why he was leaving, which must have been a heart breaking event for his mother. He now sees her on the weekends, but she wants to relieve his fears on Christmas with what he really wants: a bike.  His mother is a warehouse worker and does not have much money left after the cost of Isaiah’s school,  but thankfully the Salvation Army is helping her out this year. She says “I want him to wake up that morning and find all those gifts under the tree just like all those years before. And he’ll know: ‘Mama didn’t forget about me’.” Makes you want to go hug them both!
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