Secretly Tracking Your Child’s Cell Phone Activity PT. 1

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Many young children today have cell phones and with those cell phones comes a lot of responsibility they are often not ready for.  Cell phones provide easy access to the outside world and your child can easily become easy fodder without even knowing it.  This places parents in a position of needing to be protective.  Depending on the age of your child, there may be a need to secretly track all the activity they are engaging in.  There may be reasons you need to consider: they may be bullied and not feel they can share or they could be engaging in harmful activity that will lead a tragic end.

Thankfully, there are many tracking devices available.  Not all of them provide confidential tracking, so a conversation may have to take place.  However, there are tracking devices that give you the option to hide the app and quietly monitor virtually all traffic on their phone.  You can track email, pictures and texts, and stay on top of their location at any given moment.  For some situations and age groups, this type of protection can be life saving.

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