Teaching Kids About Taxes Is A Smart Idea


This past Easter, to introduce the concept of income tax to my daughter, I took a third of her candy from her basket.

(Full disclosure: I already take her candy when she’s asleep, but now I’m going to justify it as part of her education. It’s very lucky the Easter Bunny has always brought my favourite candy to our house.)

In reality she’s got many years to go before she needs to worry about the IRS, but this had me wondering: what should kids learn about the tax man?

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How To Get Your kid To Be A Fanatic Reader


Father reading book with daughter at home.


Here’s some good news: This can often be as easy as teaching children to ride a two-wheeler or to throw a baseball. Case in point: When our son, Jack, was 8, he wasn’t a gung-ho reader. Now, I’m sure my wife, Sue, and I have made a half-million mistakes raising Jack, but during that eighth summer of our stewardship, we did something right: We told him he didn’t have to mow the lawn (hooray!), but he was going to read every day (boo).

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Due Tomorrow: Read War and Peace

Portraits of cute little boy doing homework . Shallow DOF. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; Small amount of grain added for best final impression.16 bit Adobe RGB color profile.

Continuing the work in the classroom is indeed an important aspect of learning.  But in all honesty, when the homework level reaches the point when the parent is the one who is doing it, any benefit is most certainly lost. 

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Four Ways To Avoid Raising Spoiled Monsters


Kay Wyma remembers the exact moment she realized she was spoiling her kids.

The Dallas mom of five was driving to school one morning, and found her car surrounded by a Lexus on one side, a Porsche on the other, and a Maserati in front.That was when her 14-year-old son asked: “Which car will I look good in at 16?” I was like, you have got to be joking,” she said.

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