Four Ways To Avoid Raising Spoiled Monsters


Kay Wyma remembers the exact moment she realized she was spoiling her kids.

The Dallas mom of five was driving to school one morning, and found her car surrounded by a Lexus on one side, a Porsche on the other, and a Maserati in front.That was when her 14-year-old son asked: “Which car will I look good in at 16?” I was like, you have got to be joking,” she said.

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10 Great Ways To Save For A Family Vacation

A multi-ethnic family is sitting behind a sandcastle on the beach - they are smiling and looking at the camera.

When you’re raising a family, every dollar counts. It’s important to be mindful of how you spend money on daily expenses, particularly when you want to save for big yearly expenditures like a family vacation. Here are some great ways you can tuck money away for a big trip so that when the time rolls around, you can have fun without stressing about breaking the bank.

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New App Alert: Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Is A Recipe For Family Fun


Veggie Bottoms Kitchen, a new app from Red Card Studios, is the perfect cooking companion for kids who want to get more confident in the kitchen, and for parents who want to encourage the family to stay healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables has never been so fun!
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Helping Children Resolve Conflict


Helping children resolve conflict

Because they spend so much time together, friends cooperate and communicate more with each other than with others – which also means they can have more conflicts. For example, children may want to use the green crayon at the same time or disagree about which game to play.

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Of Interest: 6 Genius Ways to Instantly Soothe a Crying Baby

Baby crying - parents kissing

For every mom, whenever, her baby cries, she tends to be more curious and a bit annoyed too. For new parents, it’s quite difficult to rule out the main cause behind the sudden scream of their baby. While reading this article, you’ll know that how smartly you can handle the baby’s ultimate cry.   

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Classes and Activities for Your Preschooler

Group of Toddlers Playing with Toys

The task of selecting appropriate classes and activities for your child can be daunting. There are so many opportunities available, so you want to find a balance that works well for your family preferences, schedule and budget. Here, we’ve eliminated the mystery by giving you a several suggestions about activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child at different ages and stages of their life. 

Use this information to help you navigate what things you’d like to try out. Remember that if you make an investment of time and money in an activity for your child that isn’t working well, you can always reevaluate your needs depending on your particular circumstance. Every child and family is different, so don’t feel pressure to keep up with every class or activity that is out there. Choose wisely some options that will support the goals you have and are affordable for you.

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