Strict No-Go Zones When Trying To Get Pregnant

Unlike unintended pregnancies which just appear effortlessly, it can be very time-consuming and stressful when you really want to have a baby. Naturally, every couple knows what they are expected to do to conceive, but…

Mother and daughter with cold or flu

Natural Ways To Cure Coughs In Kids

Coughs will deprive anyone a good night’s sleep. For kids it goes beyond that, they strip away their concentration in class. Well, given a choice, natural remedies are the way to go.

Mother using a comb to look for head lice.


Someone might say you are a bad mom because your kid has lice. Wait until they receive a call from school about their own kids and they come begging you for “lice tips”. Save you…

Newborn Baby Sleeping Wearing White

Healthy Baby Sleep Tips For Ample Bed Time

Adequate bedtime will make a healthy baby. If your baby isn’t sleeping well, you will also not get enough sleep. The nagging and crying in between the nights can be really annoying. It will make…

Proud African American father with teenage son

Going Through “The Talk” With Your Kids

You will realize how much we have failed in parenting after you see the most recent underage pregnancy stats in the United States. What’s worse is that more than half of them contract STDs before…