Sweet Corn, Bean, and Beef Casserole!

courtesy of bhg.com

The mastermind behind this recipe, Joanne Weir, describes it as taking all the flavors we love in enchiladas and creating something even fresher. Topped off with tomatoes and cilantro, this casserole recipe had my mouth watering instantly, truly love at first site 🙂 Checkout the ingredients and cooking directions below, courtesy of bhg.com.

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Helping Children Resolve Conflict


Helping children resolve conflict

Because they spend so much time together, friends cooperate and communicate more with each other than with others – which also means they can have more conflicts. For example, children may want to use the green crayon at the same time or disagree about which game to play.

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Smartphone And Tablet Screen Time: Good Or Bad For Kids?


Tablets and smartphones are great gadgets for making kids busy and quiet, especially for harassed parents who has more urgent things to do than attending to their kids. They can also be a great bribery tool. Parents use it to make kids behave, sit quietly in a car ride, get into a stroller, or even go into the potty. But there are some parenting experts who say that using screen time as bribery or enticements may have trade-offs.

Parenting gurus, psychologists and even advice columnists are wary about the effects of iPads, iPhones, Androids and other gadgets with touchscreen on children under 3 who use them. They believe that screen time may have a negative effect on children’s developing brain.

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Teaching Kids About Taxes Is A Smart Idea


This past Easter, to introduce the concept of income tax to my daughter, I took a third of her candy from her basket.

(Full disclosure: I already take her candy when she’s asleep, but now I’m going to justify it as part of her education. It’s very lucky the Easter Bunny has always brought my favourite candy to our house.)

In reality she’s got many years to go before she needs to worry about the IRS, but this had me wondering: what should kids learn about the tax man?

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