Tips: Yoga Moves Are The Stressed Moms’ Best Friend

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Mothers can sometimes get overwhelmed by the whirlwinds of childbearing. The feeding, lack of sleep and trying to save your marriage can sometimes get out of hand leaving you so distressed. Yoga and exercise can go a long way into preventing and relieving this stress. However, this routine requires time and you need to make it for yourself. No one will make it for you!

You not only need to keep yourself healthy for personal reasons but also for your kids. After you feel that you can take no more, try these quick yoga moves. The results are amazing!

  • Forward fold

This pose has a very calming relief from anxiety and stress. It stretches out the legs, the hamstrings and squeezes up your entire abdomen. To perform this pose, lean forward while kneeling until the head touches the ground. This move also brings in a fresh flow of blood and oxygen into the brain thus enabling you to think clearly.

  • Savasana/ nap

This pose is very effective for a completely worn out mom. It is a chance to reset the whole body, especially the brain. Focus on how you breathe and your chest movements. Take very deep breathes. It is so relaxing that you will sometimes find yourself falling asleep in the process. To perform this pose, lie back and stretch out your arms and legs away from each other. The results are much better when you do it outdoors away from your to-do-lists and negative guilty conscience.

  • Cobra poise

This pose comes in handy when you are experiencing back pain. It also strengthens your shoulders, incinerates belly fat, and opens up the heart’s vessels thus giving you a fresh start. To perform it, lie on your belly and then lift only the front part of your body with your hands. To complete the move, draw your head backwards and let it stay there for as long as you can.

  • Remember to breath

Taking long, deep breathes has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. When you are overwhelmed, take about 5 minutes to meditate. Just live the moment and watch it all disappear!

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