Genuine Reasons As To Why You Should Have A Hexad Kids

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Ever wondered why most parents who adore kids choose to go with six of them and not any other number? Here are the most indubitable reasons to have six kids:

  • It is way cheaper

Only a number theorist will understand this. Moneywise, the first child is the most expensive. It will be a ride in the park after the first one; absolutely no time for groping around. The third child won’t even know what a new stroller or even clothes feel like. Moreover, prevailing conditions such as a recession should not get in the way of having more kids. Children are only expensive when you think that they are. Just set your priorities right and voilà, you are good to go!

  • The compliments will keep on coming

A family of six kids will look cute on any occasion. It is not easy to spoil six kids so all of them will be likable.  Kids in large families are also so good at sharing and helping each other out. Everyone will not help notice and comment on your successful parenting.

  • Lucky you! No more depression

With six kids in the house, it will be very hard for you to get depressed. Alternatively, when you just want to be left alone, six kids can play outside for long hours. The best part is that they won’t be bored at all. As they interact with each other, they will become more social. Even a child with autism won’t help but join all the fun.


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