8 Infuriating Questions And Comments Nursing Moms Have To Endure

From relatives and friends to strangers, a new mom has to deal with lots of questions. Some of them could make one proud to be a mom while some are just stupid and annoying. For those of us who have been there, it is a mind whacking bummer to hear the same comments and questions again and again. Some moms even quit breastfeeding before time to avoid such. Here are the stupidest, infuriating questions to expect as a new mother and a perfect response to each:

  • How long will you breastfeed?

Doesn’t everyone already know the answer to that? This should be discussed strictly with my pediatrician. Will it even make any difference when you know for how long? Is there a deadline that I should know of?

  • Are those teeth? You should stop breastfeeding

Why do you think I should deprive my child breast milk just because she is teething? This question is really infuriating especially because it reminds you of the occasional biting.

  • Will your breasts get saggy?

This comes as a straight forward and insensitive question. It usually comes from your boyfriend, friends or your other kids. Are you suggesting that I should not have had kids to remain young forever? People are going for expensive boob jobs for absolutely nothing. In fact, breastfeeding flaunts your boobs even more before and after. For the love of God, all I have to do is get a good bra to hold my assets! Why do expect me to cover my breasts while breastfeeding in public? I am not trying to flaunt anything; do you hide a burger or a sandwich?

  • Don’t you think you are breastfeeding him too much

Where do you think I am going to take all this breast milk huh?! I am only trying to help him. Do you even know how terrifying it is to get extremely hungry and the only thing you can do about it is cry? People have to stop comparing breast milk to something simple such as dog snacks. Too much breast milk won’t spoil my child. In fact, he will like it even more. Regular breastfeeding will also strengthen our bond.

  • How many times do you breastfeed him in a day?

Do you expect me to count? How many times to you take a leak in a day?

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