How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil was recently found as a powerful product for the health of our whole body. You can use to cook meals, desserts, teas, juice and even as a beauty product. Women love to use coconut oil as a moisturizing, to whiten teeth, and as a cream hair to make it hydrate.

Considering all these benefits, what about making your own coconut oil? It’s easier than you think!

1 – Get a brown coconut, wait until it gets mature and cut it in half;

2 – Using a coconut scraper, remove all of it’s inside;

3 – With a sharp knife, cut the coconut meat in little pieces and put into a a food processor to a medium speed;

4 – Put a coffee filter or a strainer in a jar and pour all of the mixture inside. You might need to wrap the filter and squeeze with your hands;

5 – Leave the jar in a cool and safe place for 24 to 36 hours;

6 – After that, the oil will be separated from the milk, creating a curd on the top;

7 – With a spoon, remove the curd and discard it;

8 – Done! Your coconut oil is ready to be used!


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