Parenting Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

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This is an article for bad moms 2017- those of us who haven’t figured it all out yet. Moms who just want to do less. However, we all want to start the New Year with a spark. No more huge mess-ups!

  • Mark the school picture day in your calendar

Although this is a perfect mom’s thing, picture day is really important to kids, especially little girls. The whole occasion is a chance to make the whole family look good. It helps you create time for your kids and is also a great opportunity to make wonderful memories.

  • Do not forget about the little promises you make

Apparently, moms are so good at forgetting. Kids usually feel betrayed when you don’t keep promises.

  • Do not embarrass your kids

It is very easy to embarrass your kids unknowingly. Let them know that they can tell you the mom things that embarrass them when they are around their classmates and friends.

  • Be a good example

You could find yourself saying something you might regret when the kids are around. This happens especially when you are talking over the phone. Minding your own language will go a long way in ensuring that they do not learn something you might regret.

  • Do not throw away their stuff

What could look like rubbish to you could be your son’s day project. By throwing it away, you could kill your child’s creativity.

  • They should know that you are not perfect

By understanding that you are not a perfect mom, your kids can complete little tasks such as making their breakfast easily when you are not around.

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