Two Health Issues People Commonly Neglect During Vacation

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You may plan as many vacations as you want, and do as much crazy stuff that won’t kill you but are you really prepared to go on adventures? If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced your plots fail and had everything go downhill. Sure, you can try to salvage the trip with your endless optimism and ad-libs… or you can plan obsessively now and enjoy an almost perfect ride.

Flu, allergies, literally any health related thing that could prevent any member of your vacation team could put a damper on the fun. When it comes to making sure that everyone’s up and about during the activities, everyone has to commit at least a week of exercise, healthy eating, and medicine maintenance. If you can’t convince everyone to go with your authoritarian demands, you could always just impose on yourself. They might get sick and miss out on the fun later so I suggest you should also practice how you’ll laugh at their faces.


Yes, the ones with serious allergies will rarely forget preemptive measures for this one but a lot of people have allergies that they normally don’t interact with. Going for a swim on a chlorine- infested pool for example, wait, most pools are chlorine infested so yea. Allergic reactions to dust, plants and animals are also often forgotten when you normally don’t go out of your house. This is easy to provide a solution for:

Solution: Bring antihistamine. Bring a lot of antihistamine, a variety of them in case multiple dosage of one just doesn’t do the trick for you. Check the dosage or better yet, ask a medical expert… moving on!

Stamina and Endurance

Let me make some things clear: if there’s nothing preventing you from regular exercise or eating people food (none of that sky high sugar and salt concoctions from McDonalds) then it’s totally your fault that climbing up the stairs makes your vision go blurry and you’re out of breath. You’ve already set aside time, money and effort to go to someplace; you should maximize the experience by staying alert and awake during the whole thing.

Solution: FIRST, it’s not hard to do cardio man. It will take less than 10 seconds for you to search YouTube with the keywords of ‘easy cardio for beginners’. Follow one that’s easy for you and do that every morning. SECOND, it’s practically enough to avoid junk food and lessen your sugar

and salt intake to be healthy. For everything else, pharmacies are flooded with food supplements. Take the Vitamin B supplement along with the other fancy ones.

Bring a medicine kit and check if you’re physically fit. If you’re up to it, you can lend your kit to that sick friend and have him/her indebted to you for the whole vacation.

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