Useful Bottle Feeding Tricks

Every baby must be feed with a bottle at one time. There is so much more to it than just sticking the nipple inside the baby’s mouth. The following are hacks from other moms to make the whole process efficient and a lot easier:

  • Prep in advance

You do not know when the baby will need his bottle. It could be in the middle of the night. The best thing is to keep the baby bottle contents ready at all times. When traveling pre-portion the formula you will need each in a different container. Do not forget that pre-mixed formula can only be used for 24 hours.

  • Keep bottle feeding supplies separately

Bottle feeding supplies could sabotage your whole kitchen. You could find yourself losing your sanity looking for something in the middle of the night. Come up with a baby station inside your kitchen where you can stock up all the bottle pieces and accessories.

  • Stick with one brand of everything

Different brands could make the baby station look disorganized. A mismatch could also cause leaks when the baby is feeding.

  • Moms, use a different person during initiation

Children might reject the bottle when it is introduced by their mothers. This is because natural breastfeeding reigns over the bottle when it comes to baby preferences. Using a different person will ease the transition. Using a baby bottle holder that allows you to bottle-feed hands-free could help motivate dads to help.  Independent feeding bottles could also help although they are often rejected.

  • Rinse your bottles

Rinsing the bottles or cleaning them immediately ensures that no formula residue clings to the inside. Unclean bottles could lead to baby stomach upsets. Even when you clean immediately, use a bottle sterilizer, hot water or a combination of the two. 

  • Make your baby comfortable

A baby needs to be comfortable just like in a mother’s arms, especially after they can feed independently. You could use your breastfeeding pillow to cozy up his/her spot.

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